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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Waterlogue Review and Demonstration

I may be behind the times, I am not sure, but I just found this really cool app at the Apple App Store.
The app is called Waterlogue and you can find a demo here. Basically, any picture that you have on your phone, you can upload and it turns it into a watercolor photo. I know there are other apps that do this, but the quality of this one is amazing. This is a picture I took this summer when we went on our cruise to the northeast.
Bella's Crafty Mom
Fishing Boat

And this is the same picture Waterlogued. Isn't it cool. I can't wait to use it for lots of pictures I have. You can load it to Facebook, Instagram, etc. right from the app.
Waterlogued Photo
I am not affiliated, nor am I getting any reimbursement for this post. I just think it is a really cool app for us creative women to use and wanted to share it with you all. Enjoy, Kelli.