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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Antique Turquoise Mirror

First let me say that I hate photographing some of the things for my blog. Some pics turn out great and others not so much. This mirror started out that lovely gold Homco style.
Bella's Crafty Mom
Antique Turquoise Mirror
I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it, so I sprayed it antique white first. Then I applied a wash of turquoise paint mixed with some water and wiped it off. Next I distressed it with some fine grade sand paper. I still wasn't happy. I mixed some gold paints together and then mixed those with water and painted all over the frame and wiped that off. Finally, I sprayed with gloss spray.

Bella's Crafty Mom
Antique Turquoise Mirror
I don;t think you can tell, but in some places it kind of crinkled up and I really like the way it makes it look old.

It has been really hard to get the color to show up right. 
Bella's Crafty Mom
Closest to correct color

Hope you all like it. I have no idea where I am going to put it yet.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fleur-de-lis Box

I found this old wooden box at a thrift store for $5.00. Sorry I forgot the before picture, just an old brown, wooden box. I painted it with homemade chalk paint .
Fleur-de-lis box
The color is on off white that I found in the oops cart at Home Depot and I am loving the color. It is the perfect off white. I bought the fleur de lis at Michael's and first painted them off white and then with black acrylic paint. I distressed them and the box.
Bella's Crafty Mom
I also found some metal scroll pieces in the scrap booking section and painted them white and then black as well and attached them to the corners with liquid nails.
And here it is on the table. I am going to use it to store wine bottles as dear hubby signed us up for a wine club.
I also did a little more Fall Decorating by the fireplace.
Courtesy of TJ Maxx and Michaels.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fall/Halloween Decorating

I was very busy yesterday decorating the house for fall and Halloween. I love this time of year and the decorations.
Fall Wreath
I made this wreath last year. Here is a close-up.
Here is our mantle decorated. I did the floral arrangement in the pumpkin. It is so much cheaper to do it yourself, they charge an arm and a leg when they are already made.
Fall Mantle
Fall Mantle
Fall Mantle
I made the scarecrow out of a flower pot and the jack-o-lantern is ceramic, fired and then painted with acrylic paint.
Miss Scarecrow and Mr. Jack

I also switched out the flowers and did some fall decorations on my corner table. I did the flower arrangement and even gave the birdies some fall love.
Next up was the dresser(hall table). It got the majority of the Halloween Theme.
Halloween Vignette

Mr. Bones
This was the shiny brass birdcage I found at the 127 yard sale painted oiled bronze and some lovely crows from Michael's.
See the little haunted house? That is ceramic too, painted by yours truly.
The little spider is also ceramic and has a music button under the pom-pom.
Happy Spider

These spell books were purchased at Michael's but I painted the witch and grim reaper.
I bought these candle holders several years ago, but antiqued them this year and added the bows. They look so much better. I also bought the skulls and antiqued them as well. It really brings out the details.
The Halloween tree had some more ornaments added this year.
The Trick Or Treat sign is from Michael's, but see the little bitty pumpkins in front of it? Yep, I painted them in ceramics a few years ago.
I decorated a little table that holds a few wine bottles with some pumpkins that I made. These are glazed and you can put candles in them.
The kitchen got a little decorating as well. Some pumpkins on top of my candle holders.
And this little cutie was made from clay pots.
Clay Pot Scarecrow

My favorite is coming up. These are the Michael's pumpkins that you can carve. I painted them blue and green and then put a coat of blue sparkle paint on them. The orange one just got some orange sparkle paint. I cut a hole in the big one and arranged some fall flowers in it. This sits on the kitchen table.
Blue Pumpkin Arrangement

The dining room table holds my cornucopia made by me several years ago. The pumpkin inside is ceramic and painted with acrylics.

This is the window from the kitchen to the family room.
And last but not least, I arranged some flowers in the hall leading to the master bedroom.
The house looks great and the kids and my hubby loved it. I can't wait until closer to Christmas so I can show you all of the Old World Santas I have painted throughout the years. I have 5 or 6 that I still need to paint, so I better get busy. Happy Fall Y'all.