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Friday, July 13, 2012

I Need Decorating Advice

These are not the greatest pictures to show you, but I  need some advice. We are planning to move in 3 years and I know exactly how I want to decorate my new house. I will be getting a lot of new furniture too. This is my dilemma; having seen all of your homes and decorating, I have changed my likes. I want to re-do my living room using 2 nightstands that I have to re-paint and update the accessories to get me to my move out date without going crazy. We have lived here 10 years and I am so tired of the decorations. I feel like that girl from Charlie's Chocolate Factory.....I WANT IT NOW!

See chair and rug
See couch, rug and wall color

The problem you ask? I have a red couch and love seat. How can you incorporate the distressed furniture look with a red couch? I have Googled, Pinterest searched, and cannot find anything close to what I want. I don't know if a slip cover would work as the couch is huge and has loose pillow backs. In my new house, I want neutrals, blues, lighter colors.

What is a girl to do? Does anyone have any pictures or ideas on how to decorate around this red couch? The room rug is red, with paisley like, green, dark teal and tan.

Please help a sista out!


  1. Here's a thought that might help you transition...Keep the red sofa, maybe covering or switching out the pillows for some with drop cloth or linen. Paint the room all neutral off white, and lighten up the little things - using paint in whites. Begin to incorporate some of the blues you want in your accessories - and keep a touch of red in them to tie in the sofa.

    If you can, take out the rug and switch it with a light neutral one.

    I reached a similar place last year where none of my old "look" made me happy. Being on a budget, I had to reuse what I had, so I began painting everything. Walls, furniture, accessories. It's amazing how far paint can go to help you achieve a look you like.

    Keep inspiration photos handy - maybe in pinterest, and try to achieve the same look with your current items - by removing some altogether and having a garage sale to purchase new things to go with your new look! Paint some items that will work. Store sentimental things you don't want to change or get rid of. What you leave out is as important as what you keep!

    Bottom line, you can do this, with elbow grease and paint, and a few well-chosen accessories.


  2. Hi Kelli,

    This sounds like a fun project!!!

    I agree with Revi. She has some great ideas.

    Have you tried

    I love the look of the first one that comes up (there is another picture of this room at a different angle if you go down a couple of pages). I have both of them pinned under Decorating Ideas on Pinterest

    You are a crafty lady so I know you can do it. I would start with near white walls and a natural color area rug. You could use inexpensive drop cloths to make a chair cover, window treatments and pillows...use some fabric paint to add accent colors that match the sofa as well as other natural colors. I would stick with pillows with a light tan background with some red, brown and possibly blue accents on them. Keep your future vision in mind for any purchases and make them work for you now and in the future.

    You can make inexpensive wall art or start picking up some pieces that will work in your future home. Pick up some spray paint that matches the sofa and spray paint a few accents (possibly items you already have or something you pick up thrifting). A red vase with a twine bow with some branches could add some height.

    I am not sure what color you wanted to use for painting your furniture; but, you can see in the example at Houzz how they have used different colored woods. I am visualizing a balance of white pieces and black pieces for your room (satin - not glossy). You could use some red underneath the black - distress the black to let hints of the red show through - very pretty.

    You could pick up some old books with pretty bindings to stack on tables or on the desk - this is another way to incorporate your new colors.

    As I said, this sounds like a lot of fun!!! I am excited to see your transformation - take lots of before and after pictures to share. Good Luck!!!