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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cake Fail

I am posting this totally under duress. I AM a good baker. People always love my cakes. In fact they request my cakes at work. I used to bake a cake for all of my employees birthdays and they would eat every crumb. Why am I telling you all of this? Because Tuesday was my son's 26th birthday and he wanted a butter cake with mini chocolate chips in it. Easy peasy right? Not! When I tried to get the cake out of the pans, the chocolate chips had settled to the bottom and were stuck. I have used chocolate chips in cakes a zillion times with no problems, but maybe since I used butter instead of cooking oil. I don't really know what happened, but here is what his cake looked like after I got it out of the pan.
After frosting.
Isn't this the UGLIEST cake you have ever seen? It tasted great though. I have never seen anything like this in my life. My husband kept laughing at me because he knows what a perfectionist I am. This is far from perfect. I am humbled.

Does anyone want me to make their wedding cake for them??? hahaha

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Easy Stretchy Bracelets

I made some bracelets for one sister and then I get a text message from the other sister saying, "I want some too", "in every color." So I got my beads out and went to work. These are just simple add your favorite beads to elastic cording, tie a triple knot, place a dab of jewelry glue on the knot and clip off the tails.

I think I have hit most of the colors.  I am off to the post office to mail.

Friday, July 13, 2012

I Need Decorating Advice

These are not the greatest pictures to show you, but I  need some advice. We are planning to move in 3 years and I know exactly how I want to decorate my new house. I will be getting a lot of new furniture too. This is my dilemma; having seen all of your homes and decorating, I have changed my likes. I want to re-do my living room using 2 nightstands that I have to re-paint and update the accessories to get me to my move out date without going crazy. We have lived here 10 years and I am so tired of the decorations. I feel like that girl from Charlie's Chocolate Factory.....I WANT IT NOW!

See chair and rug
See couch, rug and wall color

The problem you ask? I have a red couch and love seat. How can you incorporate the distressed furniture look with a red couch? I have Googled, Pinterest searched, and cannot find anything close to what I want. I don't know if a slip cover would work as the couch is huge and has loose pillow backs. In my new house, I want neutrals, blues, lighter colors.

What is a girl to do? Does anyone have any pictures or ideas on how to decorate around this red couch? The room rug is red, with paisley like, green, dark teal and tan.

Please help a sista out!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Saturday's Thrifty Haul

My Saturday was AWWWsome! I went to several Goodwills and the Lexington Peddler's Market (love). This is a long one gals but these projects are small and don't really need their own post.  I found a little wicker bird's nest for $.75 and then I added a little nest with eggs.
At the other Goodwill I found this unusual pig. I do love pigs for some reason. My kids say she is creepy but for some reason she spoke to me. (Not literally,  I haven't had that much wine yet).
I also found a little metal cage thing that I put over some birds my husband sent to me one year with some flowers for mother's day. I don't know why, I am not a bird collector, but he liked them and I have not really had the right spot until now.
 This is how the table looked last night at 11:00 pm. Then I was needs something.

Then at 1am, yes I was still up, rearranging the craft room, it came to me. I am so glad I am a saver hoarder. And this is what I did.

Much better, don't you think. I can't help it, I love the pig.
Here is my haul from the Peddler's Market.
That's right, nothing over 5.00. I f you can't read the stickers, the blue candle holder was 5.00,  2 tier tray 4.00, 1 tier tray .99, tile box 3.00, vanity tray 5.00, ring holder 1.95, light switch covers 1.99 each, blue bowl 3.00. I also found a night stand for my husband's side of the bed that I want to do just like mine for 8.00.

This is what they look like now.
Antique white spray paint and a little distressing.
Stupid builder, couldn't he have centered the switch.

Great for the makeup area of the craft room.
And of course, what would the day be without a little Watermelon Spray Paint.
I hope you enjoyed your Saturday as much as I did. Comment from hubby: "Quit bringing stuff home!". hehehehe, not on your life mister. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Little Boy Blue

I finally had time to do some painting this weekend. I went to my favorite Good will and found a Bassett nightstand for $9.50. Yes I was happy, yes I snatched it right up. Then I went to Home Depot to stock up on some things and left $87.00 later. That kinda defeats the purpose of shopping at Goodwill doesn't it? Okay, so here is how the little boy looked when I got him.
He was in sound shape, with dove-tailed drawers and all, but a little tattered around the edges.
And boy was he stinky.....he must have lived a long time in a smoker's house.
I cleaned him up and sprayed him with some smell good.
Yes, I soaked the wood on the insides of the drawers to get the smell out.
Then we got to work. I used Behr Blue Jewel in Satin and made my own chalk paint.
I apologize now because the color does not show up the same with any camera in my house and I am so bummed because the color is gorgeous. It is a deep tealish blue, but shows up alot lighter and more blue, less teal.

I used oiled bronze spray paint on the hardware. Loooove! This picture is the closest to the correct color, but it is still deeper.
Here it is in my room. I love it.  Do any of your husbands lack enthusiasm with your projects? I  get a little bummed, because I get soooo excited when something turns out nice and my husband just says "it's nice" after I ask him if he even likes it. Ugh!