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Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm Back From Vacation

We have been on vacation all week. We went home to Kansas. Bella was such a good traveler. She DID use her car seat if I was sitting in the back seat with her. I found some things to work on at a Kansas Goodwill...some small mirrors. We also picked up two train cases, or makeup cases. One was vintage and the other just older. We are planning on redoing the insides to make them pretty.  I will post when I get out from under a huge pile of dirty laundry.

Here is Bella traveling.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Easy Doggy Car Seat

We are going home to Kansas next week, and that means a 9 hour drive. We are taking Bella and she is always really good in the car, but she wants to be on someone's lap the whole time.
This kind of messes up my knitting and dear hubby's sleeping. I wanted a car seat for her that would let her be able to see out of the window and lay down and sleep if she wants to.
I wanted it to look like this. You can buy this Here for $95.00. Mine was 9.99 for basket and 19.99 for dog bed that I can re-use in her little bed at home if she doesn't like the car seat.
I found this on Pinterest. But she is very finicky about everything and I don't want to put a lot of work into something if she isn't going to use it. I made a simplified version of this. If she likes it, I will prettify it up for her. See how the puppy above really can't lay down comfortably? I wanted more space for her.
I started with this purchased at Tuesday Morning.
See the foam underneath, I used 777 Spray to stick it to the basket. (I know the yellow is gross looking, but that is what happens to foam when it ages).
This worked out great. Very sticky and the foam did not budge.
Next, I put a piece of foam down in the basket for support and added height. The foam on the bottom is just to add height, so she can see out the window.
Next, I fold the fabric I was going to use in half after measuring to make sure it went all the way around the basket. I wanted it to fit very tight, like a second skin. I sewed down the length of the fabric and across the bottom.
Then I pulled the pieces kind of apart, I really don't know how to explain this.  I sewed across forming a triangle on both bottom sides.
When turned right side out, this forms the squared off edges to go around the foam properly.
Right side out.
Then I pulled it over the foam and basket, squaring up the two sides.
As you can see, I have plenty of fabric. I don't want to cut it off yet, because if Bella likes it, I am going to make it pretty and may need some of that fabric. So for now, I am tucking it down between the basket and the foam on the inside.
The foam does a good job holding it down.  I put a piece of fleece over the foam and tucked it down too. Then I added the doggy bed that I bought at Tuesday Morning. It has furry insides and has support all around three sides so she can lay her head down on it and look out the window or sleep.

Now if you know me, you would know that having this bed not really MATCH the bottom is going to drive me crazy. I have already figured out how to sew a different outer shell around the pink. I don't want to cover up the fur because it is so soft, so I can't just make a cover for the whole thing. I know mine is not as pretty as the one I want, but it will be comfortable for my baby and that is more important.
Well look here, Miss Bella has stopped by to try it out.
This might just work. She seems to like it.

Haha. Couldn't resist this shot.
Wish me luck on our long drive.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Master Bedroom Mini-Makeover Reveal

I hinted about this mini-makeover a long time ago. I have gotten busy with many projects in between and am just getting around to sorting out the pictures for this. Here is the before of our master bedroom. (sorry the pictures are so sucky, the sun was shining in and it made them look really bad).

 So this is not bad. Kinda blah. The tables are brown, the lamps are brown, the bed is brown, the chair wood is brown, see where I am going with this.  So I decided I was going to brighten it up a bit and bring in one of my favorite colors, (teal, aqua, marine blue). I painted the tables with ASCP in Pure White, distressed them, and then waxed.
I also spray painted the lamps a bright blue from the new quilt and added navy and marine blue trim and tassels to the shades. I spray painted the basket the same blue as the lamps.
 I added some new pictures from other places in the house and bought a few items for the tables in the room.

And here is one of the repainted chairs. The other one is still in the dining room waiting to be painted white.

I think it definitely looks better after, but still not the homey feel that I wanted. I don't think I am going to get that until we move. This room is just too big to feel homey. Do you like the changes? Hubby did when he got home from Chicago.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Computer Chair Re-Covered

This is not really going to be a how to post. I recovered my computer chair with fabric left over from my shower curtain and a small pillow I put on my pink chair. Really you just take the chair apart, put the fabric on how you want and staple it underneath like you would if you recovered a dining room chair. The top was a booger though. You can't take it apart, the original fabric was stapled in and my stapler wouldn't reach down. So I improvised.

I sewed 2 pieces of fabric together right sides out and stuffed it down in the ridge of the chair with a screw driver. (this is where it was previously stapled). There was this long black hose thing that was pushed in down around it, so I replaced that and it worked fine. I do want to get some black trim to glue where that black hose thing is to make it prettified.

Here is the finished product.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bella's Boutique Bed from an End Table

I had such good luck at the thrift store last weekend. You already saw my $5.99 special. I also scored 2 of these end tables for $19.99 for the set.

 Yay!  I knew immediately what one of them would be used for. I got my inspiration here.
It took me a while to decide if I wanted to paint it to match our bedroom(where her bed sits) or make it pink and girly for her. You know how much I love my pink. I finally decided on this color.
 After cleaning the whole thing with TSP. I primed it with Kilz spray primer.

 I put 2 coats of the Satin Aqua to cover the inside and out. I still have some left over in the second can.

Then I wanted to antique it. I got my inspiration from the same place for that. Ashley calls it The Dirty Cowboy Treatment. She uses stain, but I decided to use these products.
Brown and black Valspar Samplers in Satin and Glaze
I didn't measure, just poured in some glaze and then half brown and half black. You don't need alot of the paint. Then I got to dirtying her up a bit.
After wiping her down, she looked like this.

I added a coat of ASCP Clear Wax and buffed her up.

I won't know for sure if she will use it (she is finicky about EVERYTHING) until we leave. She only sleeps in there when we are gone. She is with me wherever I am and she sleeps in bed with us at night.  I was using a nylon collapsible bed for her but wanted something that looked a little nicer in the room. She does like it to be cave-like. We shall see.